UBS Vita Fresh Shower Filter – Fight Dry Skin With Vitamin C

The $60 UBS Vita Fresh Shower Filter a fantastic choice if you’re looking for an affordable shower filter that will protect your skin and hair from the harsh effects of chlorine.

UBS Vita Fresh Shower Filter will leave your skin and hair feeling silky smooth

Chlorine is the number one culprit for dry hair, skin and an unenjoyable showering experience. While you think you’re scrubbing away all of that dirt, chlorine is actually bonding onto your skin and hair, taking away moisture and leaving you feeling dry and itchy.

One of our favorite shower filter’s has to be the UBS Vita Fresh Shower Filter, a Vitamin C-infused shower head. We reviewed it briefly here, but thought it deserved it’s own post given its awesomeness!

Why The UBS Vita Fresh Shower Filter Rocks

Vitamin C Shower Filter Neutralizes Chlorine and Chloramines

We absolutely hate that nasty chalky feeling that chlorine leaves on our skin. And if you suffer from dry skin condition like psoriasis or eczema, hard water can actually worsen it.

By neutralizing the chlorine and chloramines pouring out of your shower head, the UBS Vita Fresh Shower leaves your skin feeling clean and moisturized. And while a lot of water filters help to filter out chlorine, this is one of the few that also neutralizes chloramines simultaneously. A mix between chlorine and ammonia, chloromines have actually overtaken chlorine as the most commonly used disinfectant being pumped through your water supply.

There’s no doubting the magic that it works. For example, the American Water Works Association recently included Vitamin C  as one of the ways water supplies can be dechlorinated and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has stated that its one of the methods that it uses before releasing chlorinated or chloramine-filled water out to the public.

Hooking this baby up in our showers, we could definitely feel the huge difference before and after use.  Some users have also reported noticeable improvements in dry skin conditions like eczema. It also smells great too – fruity freshness!

Easy to Install and Comes With 2 Extra Refill Cartridges

We also found the UBS Vita Fresh Shower Filter super easy to install. Some people shy away from even considering installing a shower filter because they think they’ll be up all night with hundreds of nuts and bolts. It’s easier than you think guys!

This shower filter is not a shower head itself but attaches to all existing shower set-ups, making it super easy to install. All you need to do is screw one end into your shower head and the other into the water valve.

Just screw it on and it’s ready to go!

Each filter lasts about 2 months for small families, which is about 10,000 liters of water. We would have liked if it lasted a bit longer but it comes with 2 extra refill cartridges, which will keep you going for around half a year. After that it’s no problem replacing it with 5-pack refills  available on

Easy To Tell When It’s Time to Replace

Another plus with the UBS Vita Fresh Shower Filter is that it tells when you need to replace the cartridge. Fully transparent, you will know when the Vitamin C is running low. There are no guessing games unlike a lot of other shower filters.

Any Negatives?

As an attachable water filter that fits all shower faucets, we think it’s pretty great! However, like mentioned above – we would have loved if Vita Fresh could find a way to make these cartridges last a little longer. We also think that a 6-pack refill pack would be even better – rounding it up to at least a year’s use.

All in all, we think this nifty Vitamin C-infused UBS Vita Fresh Shower Filter is right up there with the best. In terms of effectiveness in improving the condition of your skin and hair, setting it up, and being able to tell when its time to replace the cartridge – it ticks the most important boxes.