Soma Water Pitcher Review – Sustainable and Sexy!

SomaSinky Drinky is here to ensure your dining table looks as glamorous as ever. A few weeks ago we reviewed the Black & Blum Eau Carafe, a curvaceous glass water pitcher that is downright sexy. Always on the lookout for effective water pitchers that look fantastic too, we are on a roll.

The U.S. made Soma Sustainable Water Pitcher is a great alternative if you’re looking for a modern water filter pitcher that is perfect for hosting, eco-friendly, and easy to handle by even the youngest members of your family.

Read our review of the Soma Water Filter Pitcher to see why we rate it so much …

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Effective Filtering and Environmentally Friendly

First things first. This water BPA-free pitcher filter is super effective in producing clean and safe drinking water.  Moreover, it does it in a sustainable way!  It not only meets the tough standards of the Water Quality Association and effectively removes chlorine, improves taste and smell, but its unique filter is made of coconut shell carbon and plant-based casing.

Completely bio-degradable, once you’re done with the cartridge, just pop it in your green bin! The Soma Cartridge provides not only a refreshing clean glass of water, but a refreshing way to reduce our “plastic footprint”.

Kid Friendly 

We think that our previously reviewed Black & Blum Eau Carafe is a great choice However, made of delicate and beautiful hand-blown glass, it could easily slip and break in tinier hands.

pitcherdetail-1-1e60497644de34239102a085edf72da6The Soma solves this problem. Made of shatter-proof plastic, it won’t break even it’s dropped by the youngest of family members or party guests.

It’s durable oak-handle not only provides an elegant touch, but makes it comfortable to hold on to and pour.

In addition to easily sliding into the door of your fridge, it’s also super quick to re-fill. Unlike other pitchers, there’s no fumbling with the lid. Just hold it under your tap and the flowing water will decompress the opening on the top allowing the water to pour in. It only takes a few minutes to filter through completely, so you don’t have to wait too long.

Supports Water Projects in Developing Countries

The Soma is perfect for smaller households, providing 10 full cups of water before it needs re-filling. Its cartridge cleans about 40 gallons of H2O (around two months worth) before it needs replacing. It also has a neat little sealable bag to submerge your new cartridge in before using it. This is a pretty nifty idea because it helps to submerge the filter completely, priming your cartridge ready for use.

While there are many other cartridges out there that last much longer and are a bit cheaper, what makes the Soma cartridge even more special is that every time you purchase a new cartridge, Soma donates a cut to Charity: Water. Charity: Water is a great charity that focuses on projects include the setting up of clean-water wells in rural communities in developing countries.  In addition, all Soma employees are able to launch their own fundraising campaigns and Soma matches employee donations to the charity.

With over 663 million people without access to clean drinking water around the world, we think that Soma has a pretty great cause behind it.

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The Cons

So like anything, nothing is absolutely perfect. Our main hold-up with the beautiful Soma Water Pitcher is that it is a little pricey. The fact that the cartridges only last 2 months adds to the cost. However, noting that these are special cartridges that are so environmentally friendly, we get the cost. Plus, we are warmed by the fact that in purchasing these cartridges, we are donating to charity and helping to provide clean water where it is desperately needed.

We say, if you can afford it and are looking for a way to donate more to charity, this is killing two birds with one stone!

Another tip from Sinky Drinky is remember to clean your water pitcher every so often to avoid the build-up of mould. This was an issue that many users have raised with the Soma. However, mould build-up is pretty common for any pitcher if you don’t give it a good scrub every now and then.

With its sophisticated design, eco-friendly filtering, and strong partnership with Charity:Water, we think that this is one snazzy water filter pitcher perfect for the whole family and also looks great when there are guests.  Here at Sinky Drinky, we give it a great 7 out of 10.

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