The 18 Cup PUR Water Filter Dispenser Even Fits In Your Fridge!

The 18-cup PUR Water Filter Dispenser has to be one of the most popular water filters out there. When we saw all the glowing reviews on sites like Amazon.com, we just knew we had to check it out.

The PUR Water Filter Dispenser

The PUR Water Filter Dispenser takes up minimal space in your fridge!

As far of water filter dispensers go, we’ve always been loyal fans of the Big Berkey, which we reviewed here. Certainly, the multi-sized Big Berkey range definitely meets the demands of any large family, but the 18-cup PUR Water Dispenser is also a great choice for expanding families (we would say 4-6 people) looking for clean water on tap.

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The PUR Water Filter Dispenser Fills 18 Cups!

Unlike water filter pitchers like the Mavea Elemaris, which fills 9-cups at most, this water filter dispenser fills a whopping 18-cups, which is more than enough for a larger family. Able to hold 1.125 gallons at a time, you won’t have to worry about re-filling it every 5 minutes on a scorching hot day.

It Performs!

Pur water filter cartridge

Pur’s 3 filter pack lasts up to 6 months

While we whole-heartedly love the top filtering quality of the Big Berkey, PUR has developed its own unique and very decent 2-stage carbon water filter. It will rid your tap water of 95% of mercury, reduce the taste and smell of nasty chlorine, as well as 96% of trace levels of pharmaceuticals. It also claims to reduce twice the amount of contaminants than Brita. These include heavy metals such as lead, agricultural pesticides, industrial pollutants, pharmaceuticals and microbial cysts.

Each filter provides up to 80 gallons of clean, yummy water, lasting for about 2 months. Replacement cartridges can be purchased on Amazon.com and come in a 3-filter pack for just under $19. Fitting both the PUR filter pitcher and the dispenser, that’s half a year’s worth of filtering. This ain’t too bad when you think of the savings you will be making on bottled water. PUR claims it can actually save up to $1000 a year! That’ s a lot of spare cash.

It Fits In Your Fridge!

One drawback of the Big Berkey and other high-volume water filter dispensers is that they’re unlikely to fit inside your fridge, making it hard to chill your water. The PUR Water Filter Dispenser is more streamlined and actually slim enough to sit snugly on your fridge shelf – only taking up the width of two small water bottles. What’s more, it can fit in your sink when you’re topping up.

It’s Sturdy and Looks Good!

Many people compare the PUR Water Filter Dispenser to Brita’s range of water filters and think PUR is a definite upgrade. While Brita definitely gets the job done, we have noticed that PUR is slightly better with regards to its build quality. Its design includes a sturdy handle, making it easy to transport to the garden for a family BBQ for instance.

Unlike Brita, this PUR water filter doesn’t allow for the build-up of mould and tends to be a little easier to clean because of its smooth lines.

We also appreciate the look of the PUR filter, which is stylish yet subtle and blends in nicely with any kitchen decor.

Any Down Sides?

A few users have mentioned that the flow rate of the filter cartridge slows down before its two month use is up. If this happens, an easy way to fix the problem is to run it under the tap to help unclog it. That should fix the problem.

All in all, we are definitely converted fans! For its purpose and design, we can definitely see why it’s a popular water filter choice for many large families. We give it a solid 8/10! It not only produces clean and great tasting water, but looks good and unlike a lot of high-volume water filters, actually fits in your fridge!

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