The HotelSpa Shower Head Offers Luxury and Filtering!

Today we’re looking at the HotelSpa Shower Head. If you’re looking for luxury and filtering – a combo you often don’t find together –  the HotelSpa Shower Head ticks both boxes.

HotelSpa Shower Head

The HotelSpa Shower Head will hit every inch of your bod!

This dual super shower not only has an all in one 3-way shower combination with a SEVEN setting 7-inch rainfall shower but a high pressure ionic shower filter too.  That’s a lot of mad splashin’ fun and clean relaxation to be had, all in one!

At only $50, we think it’s a pretty sweet deal and we’re not surprised that it’s a popular and winning choice. Read our review to see why this HotelSpa Shower Head is one of the top luxury shower head filters available.

The HotelSpa Shower Head Provides Luxury to the Max

The HotelSpa Shower Head makes a great surprise for a loved one or for yourself. Showering can often feel routine, but this special shower head will have you racing to the shower everyday.

Having had the chance to try it out, we had a lot of fun figuring out which settings we liked the best.

Let’s begin with its 7 inch head rain shower head. A three-way shower combinations with a whopping seven-settings – it has more combos than The Undertaker. Options include Rain, Massage, Mist, and Economy Rain. Massage has to be our favorite. With its adjustable and wide 7-inch head, it can provide a full body massage that’s a delight. On top of that, its 3-setting dial means you can adjust the force and angle of the water jets.

Eliminate Chlorine and Other Impurities


Replacement bio-active stones

Combine the rain shower head with the HotelSpa’s high pressure ion filter hand shower or simply use it on its own, hands-free or hand-held. Containing replaceable bio-active stones that remove chlorine, heavy metals, impurities and bacteria, it leaves the hair and skin feeling soft and smooth. Its negative ion technology also promotes better skin absorption and regenerates the skin cells.

Another plus is that the stones provide long-term filtering, lasting for about a year at a time. The Bio-active Stone Replacement Kits are available on Amazon for only $10. This is a lot cheaper and longer lasting than most shower filters.

Affordable, Stylish and Minutes to Set Up

We love the fact that this fancy dual shower head is only $50 and provides a luxurious experience that most shower heads don’t. Mix in its filtering prowess, and you’ve got the whole package.

Another major plus is that it’s super easy to set up. A lot of people shy away from changing their shower head simply because they think it’ll be too complicated. But with HotelSpa’s step-by-step guide, you’ll have this baby up and running in less than 15 minutes – anyone can do it!

Any Drawbacks?

Our only holdback on this HotelSpa shower head is that although it looks great, like most shower heads – it’s made of plastic. However, it seems to stand the test of time so we don’t think this is too much of a problem. It still looks great.

Also, being the water-filtering masters we are, we would have loved if both shower heads provided filtering, but its luxury rain-shower head just about makes up for that.

Overall, we give the dual HotelSpa a resounding 8 out of 10! You can’t ask for much more with this super shower if you’re looking for a luxury-filtering combo.

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