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Why the Culligan FM-15A Faucet Filter Rocks

Clean water when you need it, doesn't get better than that.

Clean water when you need it, doesn’t get better than that.

A popular option for many households who want to improve the taste and quality of their water without spending a fortune is a faucet-mounted water filter.

The advantage with these is that cleaner water is literally on tap and unlike water pitchers don’t have to be topped up throughout the day.

This makes it easy when you’re zooming around the kitchen preparing dinner and need water at a moment’s notice. Some people even add them to their bathroom sinks as they’re so easy to install and use.

One of our favourites is the Culligan FM-15A Faucet Filter, which provides a good level of basic filtering, takes 30 seconds to pop onto your tap, and is cheap to boot. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Affordable and Filters A Lot Of Water

This Culligan Faucet Water Filter goes the distance, filtering 200 gallons or 750 litres of water. This is roughly equivalent to two months of use for an average-sized family.

In the long run, this faucet filter will save you a pretty penny, particularly as its replacement filters are very affordable, coming in at around $15 or just under GBP 10.

All that money saved from not purchasing gallons of bottled water every week definitely adds up. Plus, no more arm-aches from lugging those heavy bottles all the way home!

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Effective Filtering

This critter is a gardia parasite, one of the many organisms kept out by the Culligan.

This critter is a giardia parasite, one of the many organisms kept out by the Culligan.

Some might immediately disregard the Culligan FM-15A based on how itty-bitty it looks. How can a small tap filter be any good at cleaning your water? The truth is that it is very effective for the price and the result is very noticeable.

It uses advanced carbon block technology that helps to reduce the taste and odor of chlorine in water, eliminates 99.5% of microorganisms such as cryptosporidium (a nasty parasite that causes diarrhea) and giardia (a parasite that attacks your intestines) and removes up to 98.9% of lead.

It is also very good at getting rid of any sediment floating around in your water. It can be quite unappealing to pour a glass of water, hold it up to the light, and see tons of tiny specks and squiggles. Not so with the Culligan FM-15A faucet filter.

We’ve tested it and found that the reduction of these contaminants vastly helped to improve the quality of our tap water. Not only does it make the water look much clearer, but it removes that horrible “tap” taste and smell.

This filter is NSF Certified, which means that it meets strict standards for doing what it claims to do. This is important at putting your mind at ease.

The flow of the water is also acceptable. Although we wouldn’t name the filter after “Speedy Gonzalez” anytime soon, we thought it pretty reasonable for a faucet filter. It took a minute for us to fill a large jug, and we recommend filling a few bottles at a time so you have a couple in the fridge whenever you need them.

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Use It When You Need It

The great thing about this Culligan faucet filter is that fresh H2O is always there when you need it most!

Plus, you can choose whether filtered or unfiltered water pours out of your faucet, so you can turn it off when you’re washing the dishes or pouring some water for your household plants.

Its default is unfiltered water and all you need to do is pull a diverter valve to switch to filtered. The filter toggle is kept on by the water pressure, so when you turn off the tap, the filter automatically turns off too.

As such, you won’t be wasting your filter’s life if all you want to do is rinse a plate.

Up and Running in No Time

Culligan FM-15A

Doesn’t the Culligan look cool?

The Culligan FM-15A mounts easily on your existing faucet and comes with male and female adapters that fit the most common taps.

No tools are required and you’ll have it screwed on in less than 30 seconds. We can hear a sigh of relief from all the non-plumbers out there.

Just remember to let the water run for ten minutes when you first install it to rinse out the charcoal filter properly.

Plus, we at Sinky Drinky like the way it resembles a little bucket. It looks pretty high-tech when you screw it onto your tap and provides an interesting topic of conversation when friends come over.

Unfortunately this filter doesn’t have a digital indicator telling you when it’s time to change it – but it does include a cartridge-change reminder sticker, which will help you keep track.

Another indication that it’s time to change the filter is when the flow becomes really slow. This happens when the filter is clogged up with contaminants and is a sign that it’s time for a new one.

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As far as faucet filters go, the Culligan FM-15A is a very solid performer.

Good Things

  • Piece of cake to install
  • Affordable
  • Filters 200 gallons/750 litres per filter
  • Good level of basic filtering

Bad Things

  • No indicator to tell you when filter needs replacing
  • Other systems provide better filtering