Amway eSpring Water Filter Makes Tap Water Taste Like Evian

Amway eSpring Water Purifier

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the queen of water filters.

The Amway eSpring Water Purifier has to be one of the best water filtration systems on the market. The technology it uses has been in constant development over the last 25 years, and it shows, with excellent performance and great-tasting water that could have been taken from a spring in the French Alps.

I first heard about the eSpring from my mother, who has always been worried about potentially dangerous contaminants in tap water. She is very health-conscious and always knows what she’s putting into her body.

When she kept going on about how good her kitchen tap water tasted, I knew it must be good, but I was hesitant to make the purchase because of the price-tag. But let me tell you, I’m glad I did!

Sweet Robot-Looking Design

Don't they look similar!

Eve, is that you?

You can’t judge a water filter by how it looks, but having a sleek design certainly helps! And the eSpring ticks that box.

The Amway eSpring Water Purifier looks just like the robot “Eve” from the movie Wall-E and we love its minimalist and modern design.

It does have two white plastic tubes to connect to your kitchen tap, but these are well-made and coiled together, and don’t detract much from the overall clean look of the system.


Amway eSpring monitor

The display is a nice touch too.

Another major plus point is the blue LED display on the top of the eSpring filter.The monitor has a cool animation that flicks on when water is being treated, and it shows you the current state of the filter, so you know when it’s  time to get a replacement.

It a very easy way of keeping an eye on the Amway eSpring Water Filter.

How Good Is The Filtering?

Having used this system for a few months now, I have seen and believe 100% in the difference in water quality it provides. The startling improvement in the appearance, smell and taste of its filtered water is no doubt a result of its cutting-edge technology.

Guess which glass of water came out of the eSpring?

Guess which glass of water came out of the eSpring?

My family and I decided to invest in the Amway eSpring Water Filter after torrential rains flooded the area where we live. Our piping system is very old, and some must have cracked as the soil was dislodged.

The result was murky, brown tap water that tasted horrible. I thought that the eSpring would have a hard time filtering it to acceptable levels. But to my surprise, the water that it cleaned was amazing. It has no aftertaste whatsoever and was clear as ice.


Look at all that green sludge!

Look at all that green sludge!

And after a year’s use, we were horrified but incredibly happy to see how much the eSpring had filtered out. We did not hesitate to replace that yearly cartridge for another 365 days of great filtering – it’s so worth the investment knowing that this goop didn’t end up in our glasses.

It’s no wonder the eSpring system has been given a stamp of approval by the men in white coats. It has been certified by NSF International, a water-quality testing service that is based in Michigan, USA, and it has also received the Water Quality Association’s (WQA) Gold Seal. Yes, and we can definitely see why!

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High-Tech Filtering

Looks like something NASA would make.

Looks like something NASA would make.

The Amway eSpring Water Purifier has some pretty impressive technology that not only blocks, but obliterates the typical contaminants in tap water.

Unlike other in-house water filtration systems, it uses a two-step filtering process that includes an advanced carbon block filter and a bacteria-zapping ultraviolet (UV) lamp. Even microorganisms from the dirtiest swamp don’t stand a chance – this dual technology is as special as it gets.

For one, it removes up to 140 potential microbes and other health-affecting particles. This includes disinfectants such as chlorine, harmful pesticides, radioactive contaminants, minuscule solids like dust or rust, inorganic contaminants like lead, mercury and asbestos, and organic chemicals that seep into your water from landfills, gasoline storage tanks or even the local dry cleaners.

It also gets rid of vinyl chloride, a gas used to make nasty PVC or the plastic material  your water pipes are made of, and which has been linked to problems with the nervous system.

Amway has stepped up the game with its carbon filter design. Unlike other filters, a special warming process helps to activate the carbon to a greater degree, increasing its surface area and the number of tiny pores that can trap particles 300% smaller than the width of a human hair. That’s super tiny!

If that’s not enough, contained within its carbon block filter sits an ultraviolet or UV light that will eliminate 99.99% of bacteria, 99.99% of viruses, and 99.95% of parasite-infected cysts. The UV light shoots up to 80 millijoules per square centimeter of light energy at your water, which is like having Superman himself destroy all the impurities with his laser vision.

And what makes it even more special is that the eSpring is clever enough to differentiate the good from the bad. While keeping all the bad stuff out, it still allows beneficial minerals like calcium, magnesium, and fluoride to filter into your cup. Some people are against having any minerals left over, but remember that these are essential for good health!

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It Turns Cola Into Pure Water

This video encapsulates how fantastic the eSpring is at filtering water. It turns Coca Cola into clean drinking water. See for yourself and you’ll be amazed too.

Getting It Up and Running

Installation takes five minutes!

Installation takes five minutes!

Installing a water filtration system can often be a nightmare if you don’t have a PhD in plumbing, but thankfully the Amway eSpring Water Purifier is really straightforward to get going.

It’s just a matter of connecting the diverter valve to your kitchen tap, then plugging the unit into an available electrical outlet – and voila! Stand back and watch that crystal clear water flow into your glass. It took five minutes of reading the manual and five minutes of tinkering, and everything was good to go.

The best thing about it is that the eSpring comes with all the fittings for the majority of standard faucets, and there are above the counter and below-the-counter versions. I thought it looked cool, so left it to adorn my kitchen, but its really up to you. The configuration is that easy.

In terms of maintenance, the eSpring guides you every step of the way! It contains an advanced system that will carefully monitor and let you know the status of your water filter, flagging your attention to its LED screen or beeping if its time to change the cartridge. This little guy communicates with you, making everything so much easier!

Once you’ve inserted a new cartridge, the monitoring system simply restarts from scratch automatically.

How much does it save you?

The Amway eSpring Water Purifier has to be thought of as a long-term investment. Just like solar panels for your roof.

The initial outlay is expensive, but the filter lasts for 1,320 gallons (that’s 5,000 L), which is roughly the amount that a six-person household would use in a year. I use mine for everything, including drinking it straight, boiling it to make tea, washing vegetables and filling the soup pot.

After that, a replacement filter is much cheaper and will bring the cost down even lower, to around $0.15 a gallon or £0.02 a litre. It pays for itself at no time at those rates, and you get to enjoy the health benefits of purified water from day one.

It’s great system that is very hard to beat. The only issue is the initial price. But saying that there are always a lot of deals on Amazon where it can be snapped up for up to 25% less than at Amway.

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It produces exceptional water and has a fantastic design. But its pricey.

Good Things

  • Removes up to 140 contaminants
  • Dual UV and carbon technology
  • Amazing water quality
  • Easy to set up and looks good
  • Purifies up to 1,320 gallons / 5,000 L per filter

Bad Things

  • Costly